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Going to my psychiatrist appointment sleep deprived - today’s episode of “Fun Life Choices Alk Makes”

With the running B-plot off why the fuck is nothing open at 4 am

Does your psychiatrist open office stupidly early? I remember my first appointment with the guy I saw through all of high school being at a time when the sun hadn’t even come up.


The final, completed version of RWBY’s ‘Red Like Roses’!
I’d love it if the folks at Roosterteeth could give it a listen somehow. uwu

I’ve decided I’ll be doing a music box cover of each of the themes!
Stay tuned for more! Big thank you to TD who gave me the courage to upload the finished product.


There is an ongoing argument in the MMO General Chat about if Sword Art Online or Oreimo has a better representation of romance.

Fuck it. Fuck humanity. We don’t deserve individual bodies and identities. 

Where is this?